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David Keim is building Southwest Ohio change connections

Get to know David Keim, our Regional Program Coordinator, focused on the Southwest Ohio region. He’s dedicated to helping grow our ACMP Ohio community in that region and has a lot of passion for Change Management work! Check out our conversation with him below:How long have you been in the Change Management Profession?Two years. I have a background in HR, Training and Continuous Improvement and was assigned to a project implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool as a Change Management Analyst.What would you say you enjoy most about OCM so far?I love being the link between the project and the organization as a whole. I get to be on the cutting edge of projects that are moving the business forward with new technologies or strategies, and then act as a translator for all levels of the business. As the "people" person in the room, I love that it's my role to identify pitfalls and develop the strategies that have such an impact on project success.What made you de…

Change Leadership Coaching | June 2020 (Online)

Tammy Walterman, Certified Life Coach, led a lively discussion with practical tips on how to coach for engagement and performance. In her practice she assists her clients in identifying a transformational vision of their life and helps them uncover and eliminate resistance; building an action plan to move their life from ordinary to extraordinary! 
Check out the recording of the webinar and discussion! (approximately 45 minutes)

Reconnect with ACMP Ohio | May 2020 (online)

The program membership team moderated an interactive brown bag session discussing the unique challenges professionals in our field are experiencing with these new modes of work. Participants connected with colleagues, collaborated on solutions, and shaped the discussion on a new paradigm of best practices as our profession moves forward in this time of crisis.

Cultural Change, Start with Culture! | February 2020

In this dynamic and interactive workshop, participants had the chance to discuss the 6 dimensions of organizational culture, and also experienced a fun acceleration technique to boost engagement. A big "thank you" to Aude Scheibli for her wonderful presentation.

World Cafe | January 2020

ACMP Ohio started the New Year with some Change Management “R, R, & R”, brainstorming in a World CafĂ© format on three popular “R” topics:     Resilience – explore ways we can help people and orgs build their resilience. 
     Readiness – share how you can tell if people are really ready for change?
     Reinforcement – share tactics that work for you!Read the full summaryof the discussion and visit the galleryfor photos of the event.